There was a viral moment on the internet a couple of weeks ago on Reddit’s popular AITA feature. Basically, this young woman shared a story about her boyfriend, an expensive flight, and his need to fly First Class without her. After agreeing to a vacation she could barely afford, and after pitching him to fly Spirit Airlines with her, he declined. The boyfriend convinced her to fly on a more expensive airline, and then, once she reluctantly agreed – told her he would be flying First Class. But there was a catch – he was only upgrading himself.


Can you upgrade yourself to First Class and leave a travel partner in Economy?

Now we at don’t want to cause problems between loved ones – but we’re curious: would this upset you as much as it upset this young woman? After all, most of the time you’re in the opposite situation. Maybe you want to sit next to your significant other, but your seat has inexplicably been given to someone else on the plane. Or, sometimes you might volunteer to give up your seat to help another couple or family get to sit together. But what if your partner decides to upgrade and leave you in Economy? Is that acceptable airplane etiquette? And if you’re “team upgrade” what circumstances make it acceptable?

Is needing more leg room justification enough?

Some people might say that an extra tall or large person might simply choose First Class to avoid the physical discomfort of a seat that’s too small. Or maybe you believe that someone who works hard has earned the right to a little comfort. Or let’s take it even further. Maybe you just think if you can afford it, you shouldn’t apologize to anyone for upgrading yourself. We’ll call those folks “Team No Regrets.”

Some people would say this is just rude

On the other hand, if you find this unacceptable, why did you? Is it just impolite? Do you find it disrespectful to leave your fiancee in Economy while you’re hobnobbing with the beautiful people in First Class?

We want to know what you think about ditching your travel partner for an upgrade into First Class. Is it a “do” or a “don’t”? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

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