In recent weeks there’s been a flurry of new rules and regulations that have come out around international air travel and COVID-19.


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From requiring a negative COVID test (or antibody test) for all travelers on inbound international flights, to mandatory 14-day self-quarantines (this one is part of a new Executive Order from the Biden administration and is currently under review by the Health and Human Services Secretary).

So far, U.S. states have been given the autonomy to decide how to handle domestic travelers, with some states issuing quarantine orders and others allowing travelers to decide what is best for them.

In any event, we’re wondering if the airlines will soon implement the requirement of a negative COVID test to take a domestic flight? Already, we’ve seen airlines in other countries (like Qantas in Australia) step up and mandate a negative viral test.

While the list of airports offering COVID-19 testing is growing, to date there hasn’t been a mandate for domestic flights and testing or a move by the airlines to require it. The CDC recommends people test within 72 hours of a domestic flight departure, and also a 7-day self-quarantine when you return home. The CDC also suggests a post-trip COVID test 3 to 5 days after your trip concludes. If these were to become rules rather than suggestions, would it impact your likelihood of traveling?

For now, this is a hypothetical question. Sound off in the comments below and let us know how you’d feel if the airlines were to implement additional testing requirements for domestic air travel. Do you think this move would be great for public health and you’d applaud it, or would you see this as an infringement on your personal freedoms?

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