As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the daily lives of many, some Americans have mixed feelings and uncertainties about when things will return to normal — especially when it comes to travel.


But when things eventually start to get back to normal and travel bans are lifted, will going on holiday be the same? Will people still be willing to travel?

To gauge American attitudes towards travel post-COVID-19 and find out what possible travel trends may have risen from the pandemic, we surveyed 1,500 Americans about the destinations they will feel most comfortable visiting once the bans are lifted. The results might surprise you.

Contrary to what you might have thought, the majority of those we surveyed are ready to pack their bags — 53 percent said they’d feel comfortable traveling when travel bans have lifted.

53 percent of asked americans feel comfortable to return to traveling

So, where exactly do these eager travelers plan to visit? We asked respondents how comfortable they’d feel traveling outside the U.S. as well as domestically and as it turns out, roughly one in four say they plan to take an international trip when travel bans are lifted

1 in 4 of the asked americans plan an international trip

We’ve seen a positive reaction to domestic travel within the US. When asked 55 percent of respondents said they’d be willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. — compared to 23 percent who said they’d only travel within their home state. 

where asked americans would travel to

Although the results show our respondents are willing to travel anywhere in the U.S., there was still some uncertainty around when.  

A Timeframe For Travel 

A significant portion of these Americans are itching to travel when travel restrictions start to lift, but what does this timeline look like? Turns out that like many things, there’s split opinions on when they’ll be hitting the road or jumping on a plane.

Thirty-one percent said they’d be looking to travel within one to three months of restrictions lifting, whereas 49 percent of respondents prefer to wait six months or longer. 

travel timeframe

The Type of Travel Transportation Matters

The airline industry is not the only travel industry hurt by this pandemic — It could also take Americans some time to start embracing other travel activities.

Once the curve starts to flatten, according to the Harris Poll, 20 percent of the respondents would be willing to stay in a hotel within six months and 15 percent would take public transportation (e.g. subway, busses and trains) again.

Where Should I Travel Next?

After travel bans are lifted and you’re comfortable taking a trip again, you might have a hard time choosing where you want to go for your next adventure. That’s why we put together this flowchart to find the perfect virtual destination for you with tips for you to enjoy at-home activities while you wait. Then once travel has resumed, you can get booking!

Staycation tips

It’s clear that there’s a huge appetite for travel to resume and this survey provides a sneak-peek into what the trends might look like as some Americans begin to go back to normal life and plan for trips.

With many looking to embrace domestic travel in the short-term, road trips may rise in popularity this coming summer to cure Americans’ wanderlust. Be sure to rent a car once the bans have been lifted and plan your next adventure!


This study consisted of three survey questions conducted using Google Surveys. The sample consisted of no less than 1,500 completed responses. Post-stratification weighting has been applied to ensure an accurate and reliable representation of the total population. The survey ran during April 2020.


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