These healthy Jamaican recipes are incredibly easy to make and so delicious.


The more I travel the more I see that Jamaican food is one of the most underrated cuisines in the world.

When I visited I realized I had such a narrow understanding of Jamaican recipes – the first thing that came to mind was jerk chicken and beef patties.

But I was missing out on SO much. Thankfully I ate as much as I could while I was there.

And while I only scratched the surface, it was enough to make me appreciate it so much more.

Rooted in ingredients and techniques brought by African slaves, Jamaican food influences so many countries.

People who love Costa Rican food in the coast don’t realize that much of it exists because of Jamaican immigrants.

And many dishes throughout Central America and the Caribbean were originally from Jamaica.




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Is Jamaican Food Healthy?

This series of healthy Jamaican recipes isn’t a bunch of traditional Jamaican food revised to make it a healthier version.

Jamaican food is already quite healthy.

Common dishes include chicken, fish, legumes (peas, kidney beans), vegetables and greens like callaloo or vitamin rich sweet potatoes.

And of course the Scotch bonnet pepper!

It’s common to find smoked or grilled options and it’s not hard to find vegan or vegetarian food.

And while we most commonly know jerk chicken, that’s not the only thing that can accompany jerk – you can have jerk carrots if you want!

Like in any culture, Jamaica has its share of deep fried food and other sugar laden desserts that you should stay away from.

Healthy eating is possible! Choose one of the many exotic fruits you can’t get at home.





So many traditional Jamaican recipes are healthy and delicious!

This creamy and delicious Jamaican cornmeal porridge makes a healthy and hearty breakfast. It’s warming, tasty, and so filling!

Jamaican curry chicken made with an assortment of chicken, potatoes, seasoning and simmered down in a delicious thick Caribbean style gravy.

Perfect to make in bulk or on a busy weeknight

Jamaican chicken soup is a nourishing soup made with homemade chicken broth and a variety of ground provisions.

It is healthy and healing, and most importantly tastes amazing!

Jamaican steamed cabbage is the quintessential side dish for endless recipes made with lightly seasoned shredded cabbage, bell peppers and carrots

This classic jerk chicken recipe is spicy, a little tangy, and includes a full recipe to make your own jerk seasoning.

These homemade Jamaican patties are much healthier than the store bought version in the frozen food, without the preservatives and even tastier.

Delicious Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken is a favorite family recipe from my childhood.

It’s a flavorful, made-from-scratch classic chicken stew that I grew up making for weeknight suppers as well as special occasions and family celebrations.

Jerk prawns is a super easy and quick recipe to prepare. Shell-on or peeled, you can pan fry, grill or barbecue the shrimp.

This homemade Jamaican Chicken Soup is our favourite winter comfort food, featuring plump dumplings and crunchy chicken cracklings.

This version of Jamaican coconut red beans and rice is simmered in the slow cooker for a simple and satisfying one pot meal or side dish.

This dish influenced Caribbean rice and beans with coconut milk in Costa Rica.

Jamaican pumpkin rice and black beans are a delightful combo spiced with thyme, allspice, and habanero.

The dish highlights local flavors and ingredients for a quick and economical dinner that is a crowd favorite.

Jamaican corn soup is full of sunny and bright flavors.

It’s packed full of delicious spices and other good for you ingredients that makes for a recipe that is healthy and tantalizing.

This homemade jerk sauce features mango to sweeten and liven it up.

Use it as a marinade for chicken and pork, or as a spicy dipping sauce to add some Jamaican flavours to your dish!




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